We believe that the service we offer at Event Recruitment is completely unique.  Not only do we listen to your changing employment needs and career objectives, but we know and will take the time to explain current event industry market conditions and give you an honest and realistic view of your chances of obtaining the ideal role and the salary you desire.

We understand that the events industry is multi-faceted and we will match your experience and attributes to suitable roles as they arise.  If we don’t feel we have a position available for you or that your skill set doesn’t quite fit your expectations, we will try to equip you with the knowledge needed to ultimately reach your goals.


Our Service to You

  • We are always happy to discuss your specific needs and objectives no matter where you are in your career
  • Every time we have contact with you we update our database so that it reflects the latest information about your current circumstances and skills profile
  • Having worked and recruited in the events industry for many years we are equipped with the market knowledge and expertise to advise and guide you with regard to your career objectives and any particular needs you may have
  • We always request your explicit permission before approaching anyone on your behalf.


What Employers Look For

We talk to employers every day and through these discussions we have gained a very good insight into what’s important to an employer when they are looking to recruit a new team member.

Francis Child is the Managing Director of The Association Specialists, a professional event management business that organises and manages association, government and corporate events across Australia and the Asia Pacific. Francis gave us an illuminating account of the attributes he looks for when recruiting.

Francis said that he firstly looks for someone that he believes has the basic skills to do the job he is recruiting for. This is determined through past experience, educational qualifications, responses to “technical” questions at interview and reference checking. But Francis continued to say that more importantly he looks for people that will fit the culture of his business; for example, those that possess a client service focus, have the capacity to build strong personal relationships, have a sense of teamwork, total integrity and ethical soundness and take pride in a job well done.

Looking for all of this in a 60-minute interview is definitely a challenge but Francis went on to explain that he looks for a few key things in interview that can provide the answers.

1) Preparation: Event work requires an eye for detail. Many candidates destroy their chances through a poorly prepared CV or covering letter. It is also important to try to find out something about the company you are interviewing with – as a minimum check the website. Asking a few questions which displays that you have done some homework on the company will be evidence that you have a serious interest in the job.

b) Passion: To do a job well in the events sector you must have passion and pride in what you are doing. I look for people who can speak with passion about things they have done in the past and would like to do in the future.

c) People skills: Event management is a people business and I look for basic people skills which will indicate an eye for client service. This includes politeness, common sense, punctuality, presentation skills, sociability and a sense of humour.

d) Initiative: Displaying initiative is a sign of someone who wants to get ahead. I once employed someone who simply wrote a letter to me asking how she could get into the industry. I invited her in for a chat to assist and ended up giving her a job!!

e) Making a difference: For example, a definite sign of great client service is someone who will go the extra mile for their clients…those that want to make a difference.

Francis concluded by saying that those with the combination of all the above attributes along with the requisite skills for the level of the position they are applying for will always do well in the events industry.